Aqua Africa

We believe that success in Africa will come from a ‘Trade not Aid’ ethos.

Aqua Africa is a UK business set up to focus on Social Impact Government-to-Government projects providing safe sterile clean drinking water. The global commercial skillset and experience of the management team is:

  • Sourcing best-of-breed products and suppliers to fulfil project objectives
  • Securing geographic exclusivity on technology and IP licenses
  • Partnering with experienced service providers to deliver a cost-effective solution
  • Structuring G2G finance solutions for projects
Working in Ghana
Using the proven UK designed technology and systems, our first project in Ghana will provide community-based potable water infrastructure to up to 450 locations across the country. This project will alleviate up to 540,000 Ghanaians from the plight of daily water poverty by providing 5 litres of 99.999% clean sterile drinking water per person per day for less than 1 pesewa per litre.
The provision of clean sterile drinking water will allow the Government of Ghana to further contribute to 7 of 8 of the sub-goals under the UN Sustainable Development Goal for water and sanitation (SDG6), as well as contributing to the Government's progress against SDGs, 1, 3, 5, 8 and 9.
This project has been responsibly developed by Aqua Africa over a period of 4 years, including securing 100% of the project financing from UK Export Finance (UKEF) and a UK commercial bank.


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Aqua Africa
Working together to end water poverty